So, you want an inforgraphic?

Infographics are awesome! 

They are visual, fun to look at, and receives a ton of engagement on social media.    

Here’s a video that explains why you should bother about Infographics

However, at the same time, they are pretty hard to create. You need design software, a designer, and so on.

And the whole process can be quite time consuming and expensive.   

Is there a better way out?

The answer is YES!

There are some amazing tools out there that allow you to create professional looking infographics even if you have zero design knowledge. 

Using these amazing tools you can create professional looking infographics even if you have zero design knowledge. 

And the best part?

Most of these tools have a free version that you can use for casual needs.

Even if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan the value you get in terms of time and cost saving is significant.

So, here’s a list of 5 top infographic design tools (not in any particular order) that you can get started with today!

#1 Piktochart

Piktochart offers you an easy way to create infographics. With a variety of templates and a bag full of beautiful visuals, this tool can be accessed through your web browser and doesn’t require any special downloads.

For your convenience, it also provides with plenty demonstration videos and offers a free trial.

In addition to infographics, you can also create social media graphics, presentations, reports, flyers, and posters using Piktochart.  

Here’s how to create an infographic using Piktochart

#2 Venngage

As the name itself suggests Vengage is built to engage. Venngage is one of the most user-friendly platforms to create your infographics and share them in the best presentable way. An infographics using Venngage can be created and completed in just three simple steps. 

#1 Choose the template which is the base for the design or the graphic. 

#2 Add charts and necessary visuals. 

#3 Customize your design as per your preferences. 

Venngage is completely free for students. Paid plans start from USD 19 per month. 

Here’s a video to get you started with Venngage

#3 Visme

Even a complete beginner can create a professional-looking infographic using Visme.

With its numerous s templates, infographic blocks, and asset library ; Visme enables you to create compelling stories in the form of engaging presentations, documents, videos, graphics, and everything in between.

It has even a section called Visme Varsity dedicated to learning the tool and other nuances related to design and storytelling.

Vsime offers a free limited features plan. Premium plans start from USD 14 per month.

Here’s an introduction to Visme

#4 Infogram

Infogram places a lot of emphasis on data visualization and it’s an ideal tool for business users.

The tool contains designer templates, animations, interactive charts, and maps. The best part about the tool is that it allows real-time collaboration with your team.

Infogram is a tool quite popular among the enterprise users. 

Here’s an introduction video to Infogram

#5 Easelly

Easelly is a simple infographic maker that lets anyone visualize any kind of information.

You can convert your boring text content or tables to engaging and beautiful graphics using Easelly.

Easelly provides you with a simple design interface, free images, templates, and a ton of learning content. You can even book a designer right from their website if you want to take your design to the next level. 

Easelly is the most affordable tool in this list with plans starting from USD 5 per month. 

Here’s a video that introduces you to Easelly


Infographics used to be something only large companies with dedicated designers had access to. Not anymore.

As claimed in the headline you can create a professional looking infographic within an hour using any of these tools even if you have zero design knowledge.

However, make sure that you have your content ready before you start, so you spend your time designing and not thinking about what to include in your infographic. 

Hope you found this article to be useful.

Do you agree that online tools like these have made storytelling easier ? Let me know your thoughts.

Even a non designer can create a professional looking infographic within an hour using any of these tools.

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash



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