TL:DR: If you are just starting up, probably it doesn’t make sense in spending a lot of money to make your logo. Therefore, in this post, I’ll show you how to make a logo under 10 minutes and not spending more than 50 bucks. 

When it comes to logos I have divided opinion. On the one hand, I like looking at a nice logo as much as any other guy.

But I flip out when I hear that Cadbury spent 1 million pounds just to change the fonts.

Or, when Pepsi spent several million dollars to slightly tilt their existing logo. 

Does anyone really care about a logo that much? 

Will you buy a product just because it has a great logo?

Personally, I feel it’s a waste for founders to spend a lot of money on designing logos when they are still struggling to find customers.

But I get it.

In the age of social media your visual identity is important. 

So, is there a better way out? 

Enter DIY logo makers that enable even non-designers to create a decent logo. With these logo makers, you can create a logo in 10 minutes or so and under 50 bucks. 

Want a new logo? Use these tools to create one in 10 minutes and under 50 bucks.

Look, when I say 10 minutes I am talking about the actual logo creation process. You still have to do your homework before jumping into the design process. What are your brand colors, which fonts, what kind of symbols, and so on…

Okay, enough blabbering . 

Let me introduce you to 3 DIY logo makers that will allow you to create a logo in 10 minutes even if you are not a designer. 

3 DIY logo makers that will allow you to create a logo in 10 minutes even if you are not a designer. 

#1 Logobly 

Logobly is the brainchild of Craig Barber, a London based designer with more than 20 years of design experience. Logobly allows anyone to create an amazing logo for their startup in minutes.

You start the design process by inputting the name of your business. 

Next, you choose your business category. 

Logobly will offer you a selection of fonts to choose from. 

After choosing the font it’s time to pick a color. You can select one from the suggested list of colors or you can create a custom color using the color palate.  

Based on your inputs Logobly will create a few options for you. 

Chose the one you like and you are done!

For USD 49, you get a complete package that includes: 

  • Website ready logo
  • Website favicon
  • Full logo ownership
  • SVG, PNG and EPS logo files
  • Social media logos
  • Word only logos

Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to create a logo using Logobly

When you are on it, do read this interesting study titled What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups published by Logobly 

#2 Hatchful 

Hatchful is a logo design service by Shopify that allows even non-designers to create a professional-looking logo. 

The design process is simple. 

You start by choosing your business category and then the preferred logo style. It has categories like bold, clam, classic, creative, and so on. 

Next, you provide your business name and a slogan (if any) and choose how you intend to use the logo. For example, social media, print, business cards.

Based on these inputs Hatchful will create several logo options for you. Once you select a logo, you can further customize it by changing color, fonts, shapes, etc. 

After you are satisfied with the logo you can download them and the associated files for free. 

Here’s a quick video showing how to create a logo with Hatchful.

#3 Design Evo 

DesignEvo allows you to create a logo in minutes using their library of font, shapes, and colors in their easy to use editor.

Once you are happy with your logo you can download a low-resolution version for free. Even the low-resolution version is more than OK for online usage and there’s no watermark. However, you’ll have to give credit to DE for using it.

For USD 25 you can download max resolution print-ready files. No extra charges for editing and re-downloading. 

Here’s a tutorial that shows how to make a logo using Design Evo.


Logos are an important part of a brand’s identity. However, for a start-up, it doesn’t make too much sense to spend a lot of money on logo design. Therefore, a DIY logo maker makes perfect sense. With the logo makers listed in this post, you can create your own logo in 10 minutes and under 50 bucks.     

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Photo by Rae Tian on Unsplash

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It is a very good post to know the steps to make a branded logo. And, visualizing the design is one of the important steps. A brand logo and business card plays a big role for the company’s reputation. The list of free logo design applications are awesome to try. Thanks again.

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