There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be life-changing and I tried plenty of them. After a lot of trial and error, I have zeroed in on these 3 life-changing apps that you must try.

A couple of years ago while researching apps to become more organized and productive, I bumped into so many of them claiming ‘life changing’ — from a to-do list tracker, note-taking, project management, habit tracking, time tracking; and so many more!

It was overwhelming to choose the right one for my needs from a plethora of apps waiting out there to be explored and I am guilty of trying most of them.

So here’s a list of my top 3 unique apps that I absolutely love and has changed my life.

Give it a try and thank me later.

1. Day One Journal

Best journal app ever. Period!

I am literally hooked to journaling on this app every morning.

When I’m not in the mood to write I journal in voice notes and sometimes if a pretty skyline or a new bloom in the garden catches my eye- it goes in my journal as images too.

The fun part is that it makes you feel exactly like physical journaling.

Like a great friend, it sends you reminders to remain regular with it and there are readymade fun templates that make using it so much easy and effortless.

The paid version even offers a cool feature to publish your writings into a book- just set the cover page and layout, and you are good to go.

Last but not the least, Day One is password protected.


For IOS, Android, phone, and desktop versions.

Now no more hiding your ‘personal diary’ under the mattress or behind the bookshelves, ain’t nobody got access to it with the Day One Journal.

Journal One is a life-changing app that you must try today!

Here’s a quick intro video to Day One Journal

2. Noisli

I can get quite distracted by anything while I’m working.

At home, it becomes even more difficult with the noise of clanking utensils, pressure cooker whistles, mom’s phone chatter, and brother’s online classes-this and everything else can take my focus for a ride.

I use the web version of Noisli to concentrate, focus, boost creativity, relax, and more.

In the free version, one you choose from 16 single or combination ambient soundtracks like thunder, waves, running water, campfire, nature, falling leaves, railway tracks, café (slight chatter with the clanking of cups which is quite irritating rather than soothing but nevertheless) and many more.

I personally have a playlist of rain and wind combinations which I love to hear plus it also cancels all the other background noise.

With the free version, you can choose up to 5 mixes and set the background color as per your mood.

It also has a timing feature, which is great for long-distance travel, or even while working.

In today’s work-from-home scenario, Noisli stands out as a true life-changing app by blocking all the noise and letting you focus.

Here’s a short demo that shows how Noisli works

3. Juggernaut books

While I love reading physical books I cannot deny that I have read more books on this app than ever.

During quarantine months when almost everything was at a standstill and delivery of books was not even an option, Juggernaut became my go-to app.

While I have had this for over a year I only made good use of it quite recently.

Other than being an online books store, it is also a self-publishing platform that allows writers to self-publish their books and reach a wider audience.

It has an impressive category list ranging from academic, business, classic, biography, crime, romance, poetry, wellness, and many more.

My personal favorite is the 15 minutes short story section other than the many ranges of authors to choose from.

Through this app I have explored so many Indian authors that I didn’t know had amazing stories to share.

The full catalog comes at a price but has a basic free lifetime membership for all Airtel users (can be downloaded via the Airtel Thanks app -discover- Airtel thanks).

Juggernaut Books is a life-changing app that will help you discover some of the best stories and enrich your life.

Here’s a short intro to Juggernaut books


There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be life-changing — from a to-do list tracker, note-taking, project management, habit tracking, time tracking; and so many more!

And I have tried plenty of them.

After a lot of trial and error, I zeroed in 3 life-changing apps that you must try.

In this post, we looked at these apps and how they can help you to be more productive.

Want to talk about your favorite apps?

Let me know in the comments section.

Rashmi Gour
Rashmi Gour

Rashmi is an award-winning marketing consultant with over a decade of experience in working with global brands and start-ups. She has held senior marketing positions, spearheaded, and drove market launch strategies for companies in India.

In the 11-years career, she has had the opportunity to work for century-old American, Swedish and German companies providing her with an enormous global culture experience. With the motto of ‘small steps lead to bigger goals’, she has set up marketing departments bit by bit all by herself creating a high impact eco-system.

Rashmi is a graduate in Chemistry & Social Communications Media from Pune & Mumbai respectively. She aims at helping entrepreneurs especially women achieve their goals while reaching a wider audience.

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4 responses to “Top 3 Life-Changing Apps You Must Try Today”

  1. My life changing apps are:
    1. Notion – Note taking, planning
    2. Walling – book marking links quickly
    3. Roam Research – Note taking and journalling, specifically
    4. Audible – for books
    5. Google Keep – the most underrated tool ever!

    Notion particularly is stunning given its capabilities. I like Roam Research too, though it doesn’t have a mobile app yet. It helps me connect thoughts and ideas.

    1. Thanks, Aakarsh for adding those. I’ve been using Notion and Walling regularly. Yet to try Roam Research.

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