How to make your own music for your creative projects

TL:DR: Music copyright laws are complicated. Therefore, make your own music using the apps listed below even if you don’t have any experience in music production.


Finding suitable music is something we all struggle with. Be it for your creative project or those videos you are working on. Music copyright laws are complicated and even those sites offering so-called free music often come with fine prints. The quality of the music available is also an issue. 

In this scenario, the best way out can be making your own music.

But I don’t have any background in music production you say. 

Well, you don’t need any! 

You will be surprised to see how easy it is to compose your own music. Of course, I am not talking here music as a performing art but music that you can use as a background score for your videos, podcasts, and so on. 

And yes, there’s an app for that.


So, let’s dive into 5 apps that will allow you to create music even if you don’t have any prior experience in music production. 


If you are tone deaf like me and you need music for non-commercial usage Aiva will be the best place to start creating your own melody. AIVA uses Artificial Intelligence to create music across genres like Cinematic, Electronic, Pop, Rock, Fantasy, Jazz, and so on. 

The process of creating a piece of music is very simple. You can learn about the whole process under 3 minutes in the video below: 

Introduction to AIVA

Here’s a pretty cool track called The Age of Amazement created for TED 2018 that will give you a good idea of what Aiva is capable of.  

The free plan allows you to create unlimited tracks but you can download only three of those per month. 

Premium plans start from €14 p/month. 

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Let’s say you don’t want to leave the whole process to AI and would actually prefer to do some tinkering. In that case, BandLab is the tool for you. BandLab is an all in one music creation platform catering from noobs to ninjas. BandLab also doubles up as a social network where you can share your music and build a fan following. 

BandLabs is free and available on Web, Android, and iOS. 

Here’s a video that shows how to create your own music using BandLabls 

BandLabs tutorial


LoopLabs is a cloud-based collaborative music studio. Anyone can use LooLabs to create professional-quality music. No technical expertise required. Since it’s a cloud-based tool, you can use LoopLabs to create your own mix anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.   

It comes with thousands of royalty-free sounds across genres like Electronic, Pop, Hip-hop, Latin, Jazz, Funk, and so on. 

LoopLabs is supported by a strong community of creators and music lovers. This supportive community provides constructive feedback that helps you to become more confident with your work. 

LoopLabs is free and available as a Web app. 

Here’s a video that explains how to make a simple track using LoopLabs:

LoopLabs tutorial


This is probably the most fun app that you can use to make your own music tracks. Unlike the other apps on the list, Incredibox takes a completely visual approach. You are presented with a set of characters and a bunch of accessories. Each accessory represents a sound. 

You dress up the characters and they start singing. 

Once you are happy with your creation, hit record and your musical creation is saved. 

The Web version is free. The Android/iOS version will cost you about USD 3. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create your own musical masterpiece using Incredibox. 

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Soundtrap is a complete music creation studio on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned musician you can create your own music using Soundtrap. People are creating all sorts of music using it; from simple loop-based music to background scores.

Collaboration is a strong aspect of Soundtrap. In its own words, “Share all of your creative moments and collaborate in real-time with your bandmates, other artists, or anyone else. Make new music with friends and new friends with music.”       

You can sign-up for a free one month trial. After the trial period is over you can continue with the limited features free plan or upgrade to a premium plan. Plans start from USD 7.99 per month. 


With complicated copyright laws finding music has always been a bone of connection for content creators. However, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own music using apps even if you don’t have any knowledge about music. And, in this post, we looked at such 5 apps that can cater to all your musical needs, be it for fun or for a project. 

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