A lot of us hesitate to write because we are worried about Grammar, syntax, readability, etc. In this Shosho review, I’ll list the top features offered by this AI-powered editor that will help you to write better.

So, here’s the problem with writing.

Today, 90% of us write for online consumption, but we were never taught how to fine-tune our writing for the online medium.
We were never told about readability scores.

Or that readers scan a web page and that they don’t actually read line by line.

Besides, when you are writing, you want to focus on your story. You don’t want to be bogged down by the thoughts about grammatical correctness and sentence patterns.

Even famous writers have editors to go over their work before publishing.

But, if you are like me, you probably don’t have the luxury of hiring a personal editor to go over your work.

But hang in there for a second.

What if I tell you that you CAN have a personal editor at your disposal without breaking the bank.

An editor that allows you to focus on your writing and it handles the rest.

Enter ‘Shosho‘ an AI-powered language editor that allows you to write, edit, and collaborate from one place.

Shosho is an AI powered language editor

In this Shosho review, I am listing Top 7 features (not in any particular order) that I loved about the tool.

Shosho is an AI-powered language editor that makes your writing better. Read more about the features offered by this AI-powered editor.

#1 Focus Mode

Shosho review: The focus mode allows you to write distraction free
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One thing about Grammar checkers that irritates me is the constant suggestions.

It interrupts my flow of thoughts.

This is where Shosho stands out with its focus mode.

The focus mode allows you to get into the zone by stopping all alerts.

The ability to write distraction free scores high in my Shosho review

#2 Grammar Checker

Shosho review: It takes care of your Grammar
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Once you enter the edit mode, Shosho has a powerful in-built Grammar Checker.

It scans through more than 140k style mistakes and gives your writing power and confidence.

It enables you to focus on your creativity, find your style, and vision, while Shosho manages the rest.

#3 Improve readability

Shosho review: It improves readability of your text
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Grammar is only a part of the story.

Your writing needs to be readable in order to connect with your audience.

Shosho goes through your writing and tells you how hard it is to read and understand your text.

This feature allows you to improve the readability of your writing instantly and keeps your readers hooked to your story.

Readability can make or break your content. Therefore, in my Shosho review I’ll rate ‘readability score ‘ as one of the top features offered by this editor.

#4 Organize your creativity

Shosho's folder structure helps you to keep a track of your content
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Never lose a track of an article that you wrote.

Using Shosho you can organize your stories into folders. The functionality is super intuitive.
To create a folder click the “+” near “All Folders”.

To move a story to a folder, simply drag & drop it into the one you want.

You can reorder the folders and stories by drag & drop too.

The folders also support right-click for “Rename” or “Delete Folder”.

The ability to organize my posts is a big plus for this editor in my Shosho review

#5 Make your content visual

Add visuals to your content using Shosho
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

Want to add some color to your content? No problem!

You can now add images to Shosho! Drag and drop one from your desktop or click the “+” on the left side (for that, create a new paragraph).

You can also add a description to an image.

The team is currently working on Unsplash integration. So in the future you will be able to directly import images from Unsplash skipping the step of downloading and uploading.

#6 List your ideas

lights blue wire lighbulbs
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Have an idea that’s not ready for the prime time yet?

Shosho can help here too.

Use the “Notes” feature to jot down your ideas that you can revisit later.

Notes is a handy tool for all your ideas about your story. Drag and drop them into a new paragraph or any part of the story.

The team is working on further improving the Notes functionality with some extra features in the future.

The ability to keep a track of my ideas inside the editor earns a point in my Shosho review

#7 Minimalist UI

beige and black chair in front of white desk
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Shosho features an ultra-clean UI that supports a light and a dark theme.

You can customize Shosho as per your requirement.

Make the fonts bigger or smaller, or change the color scheme from light to dark.


A lot of us hesitate to write because we are worried about Grammar, syntax, readability, etc.

If these are the reasons that are holding you back; Shosho is the answer to your problems.

Shosho is like having your own personal editor who will scan through more than 140k style mistakes, check your Grammar, correct your spellings, and help you develop a style that your readers will love.

It will help you find the weak parts of your text and make your writing voice sound bold and confident.

Shosho Premium plan costs USD 5 a month.

However, you can get Shosho Premium free for a month by using the coupon code -INDIE5.

So go ahead, sign up for Shosho , and let your writing shine.

Shosho is an AI-powered language editor that makes your writing better. Get one month free, read to find out how.

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